Mercuron is part of the Gumption Group, which means that we can call on numerous areas of expertise through our fellow members. In this way, we as a company can provide an even more accurate service. In addition, Gumption’s central services allow us to focus more on our customers and our mission: to address your needs in wireless communication.

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What and who is Gumption?

Gumption currently consists of 15 companies with a total of over 800 employees in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. They are a driving force behind their clients’ digital transformation thanks to their unique ecosystem and 360° approach. This refers to the fact that we can tackle many (if not all) problems with the knowledge we have in the companies under Gumption.

The term that Gumption, and therefore we, use for this is co-creation. By delivering out of the box ideas, with knowledge flowing from the different companies, we can often provide cross-cutting solutions to the customer. In addition, we can develop our services and products ever further thanks to the know-how of the various companies that come together under the umbrella of Gumption.

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The three hubs

Gumption divides the companies into three categories, namely: Experience, Smart Technology (including Mercuron) and Business Processes.

Gumption experience

By Experiencewe mean companies that can provide added value in terms of emotion and feeling. What do we mean by this? Just think of companies that develop new websites, develop and implement employer branding strategies, provide nursing for numerous projects and develop and implement microlearning platforms for your company!

The Smart Technology section is by far the most divergent of the three hubs. Under Smart Technology you will find companies that specialize in charging stations, IT infrastructure and.. Mercuron! The wireless communication specialist (in case you didn’t already know 😉 ).

Gumption Smart Technology
Gumption business processes

The third part is the Business processes hub. Do you have a challenge with your ERP, CRM, data flow or supply chain? Then you are in the right place with one of the SAP and BI companies that will look at the needs of your company in detail and can offer the appropriate solution. In addition, there are a few offshoots with a very specific purpose and service. This ranges from software testing to software to ensure that the VIP formulas run flawlessly during sporting events. 🤯

Some companies in the spotlight

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