Indoor ASTRID installation and reinforcement

In Belgium, we have to comply with the TETRA standard. This standard is translated and maintained by ASTRID In short, the emergency services must maintain a 24/7, nationwide, optimal communication service. Did you get an ASTRID obligation? We measure the condition of the ASTRID signal in your building. Who knows, you might not need an installation!

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How can we help you?

We take care of the process from beginning to end

All preparation (including communication with ASTRID and creating the RF design), installation and control are done by us. Less worries for you and a more efficient way of working for us.


No one likes to pay too much for a system that is imposed by law. That's why we take a detailed look at each case individually. This way we can ensure the most cost-effective approach to guarantee you an optimal ASTRID coverage.

Safety and performance

We don't regarde you as clients, but as partners. That is why we look for the best solution together and why we consider it important to deliver reliable systems.

ASTRID and mobile signal amplification

Before we started ASTRID, we were already well established in enhancing mobile phone networks. We apply our knowledge of the radio spectrum to our ASTRID endeavors.

Both ASTRID and mobile networks do not work without a good signal. If you have a weak ASTRID signal, you will most likely experience a weak mobile signal as well. Installing both at the same time is advantageous:

  • Up to 10% cost savings for installing both at the same time
  • Installation procedure is the same. Installation cost of one of the procedures is eliminated
  • Comprehensive: all operators and ASTRID are reinforced simultaneously. Everything runs in one cable, resulting in an easier and neater installation.
  • Mobile phone amplification and ASTRID are processed by the same party and the same case.
Technieker plaats de kabel van het ASTRID en gsm versterkingssysteem in dezelfde kabelgoot

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How does ASTRID work?

The outdoor antenna

We point the fixed antenna on the roof to the nearest ASTRID base station. We pick up this signal and send it via the coaxial cable to the repeater.

The repeater

The ASTRID repeater receives these signals and sends them back amplified. This repeater cannot be compared to other repeaters (such as GSM) on the market. This is why the installation must be done by an authorised ASTRID installer.

The indoor antennas

The amplified signals are sent via the repeater to the indoor antennas to be broadcast in the areas where ASTRID coverage is required.

How do we go about it?

Including the ASTRID process

Pijlen naar beneden
Voorstudie afbeelding

Phase 1: Site survey

We measure the current indoor ASTRID coverage in the building. In comparison to the mobile network site survey, ASTIRD's is more complex and therefore comes with a price tag. based on the data, we make a thorough analysis to develop a tailor-made system. This way, you do not pay extra for an oversized system.

Site survey afbeelding

Phase 2: RF Design

For each ASTRID installation, an extensive technical file has to be compiled. We also take care of this step. We prepare the RF Design that is submitted to ASTRID for approval. After receiving the written conformity report, the actual installation can begin.

Installatie en indienststelling

Phase 3: Work; installation and commissioning

As mentioned before, we take care of ASTRID from beginning to end. So the complete installation is taken care of by us. We take care of the cabling and the installation of the equipment. Your system is custom configured and adjusted according to the results measured during the site survey. If adjustments to the RF Design prove necessary, we will also ensure that this is done.

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Phase 4: Operational phase

During the operational phase, we maintain the equipment and ensure its continuous operation in every situation. Maintenance includes hardware and software updates and annual (mandatory) maintenance.

ASTRID support and monitoring around the clock


We montor the installation 24/7 and are ready to go anytime to fix any malfunctions or problems that occur. As a building owner, you can rest assured that the installation will keep on working.


No one likes to pay too much for a system that is imposed by law. That's why we look at each case individually and in detail, and ensure the most cost-effective approach to guarantee you optimal ASTRID coverage.

Remote access

Our Remote Access feature allows us to monitor and control the entire ASTRID system from a distance. When problems arise, we can quickly eliminate the disturbing factor and look for a solution.


Do you need an ASTRID amplifier?

Not every building needs additional ASTRID coverage. Only when one of the factors below applies, you will have to ensure an ASTRID signal.

  • Buildings where, due to daily activities or special events taking place, a crowd of more than 150 people is expected.
  • Buildings that have a (partially) underground area, larger than 25m², that is accessible to the public. The same rule applies if hazardous substances are stored.
  • Buildings accessible to the public or not, where the ground floor area exceeds 2,500m².

We help building owners do what is necessary to support the emergency services. Do you think you need to boost the signal? Do not hesitate to contact us!