Elderly people and people in care institutions want to be connected with their loved ones more than ever

Ouderen man aan het bellen

With the emergence of all kinds of communication platforms in the care sector and also the elderly becoming increasingly familiar with smartphones and other communication devices, the need for a stable and strong connection is increasing. Think of elderly people in an assisted living facility who want to call their children and grandchildren, or patients in a hospital who need to contact their relatives.

If you are the manager of a hospital or residential care home, the following statement will probably ring a bell: high insulation standards ensure that little to no signal penetrates the premises. This of course results in an increasingly difficulty for GSM and ASTRID signals to enter the building. We can help you with this!

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How can we help you?

Mobile phone signal amplification

We amplify the cell signal for all providers and all technologies. This means that everyone, regardless of which provider or which generation of mobile phone they have, can call and surf with you. In addition, there is no limit to the number of devices that can make use of the amplification at the same time.


Not everyone has a 4G subscription or even a mobile phone. Nevertheless, regardless of age, people like to video chat or surf the Internet. On top of the Wi-Fi installation, we build a complete back-end for you so that we both can acces the isntallation and solve any malfunctions in the network, even before anyone notices anything.


Like the cell signal, the high isolation standards also hinder the ASTRID signals. ASTRID ensures good communication between the emergency services, which means that good coverage is mandatory.

Together we connect everyone in healthcare

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Woonzorggroep Curanda understands that communication is important for both young and old. Thanks to our solution, patients, service providers and visitors can be reached anywhere in the building.

AZ Rivierenland is a hospital that guarantees high-quality and safe care for every patient with its three campuses. Since their start in 1846, they have done everything to provide the most innovative service. This is where Mercuron could lend a hand. The DECT system was exchanged for our solution, which guarantees a stable signal for both patients and doctors.