Thanks to a site survey, you only pay for what you really need!

Site survey for the mobile network and Wi-Fi

Interpretatie van de gegevens na een site survey


An indoor amplification system is always custom-designed. During the site survey, we also look at the cabling we need to provide.

We come on site and measure the indoor signal strength. This way, we can get a perfect picture of the building.

This could take half a day. For larger buildings, a full day on site is often necessary.


A site survey is always required before we can install our equipment. It is also important for you that we do this, because in this way the system only covers the required locations. That way, you don’t pay for an oversized system!


A site survey is mandatory before the start of our installation, but is always free of charge for mobile signal amplification installations. In other words, there are no costs involved. The ASTRID site survey is more complex and therefore comes with a cost.


Using the floor plans of the building, we first do a preliminary study in the office. Once on site, the signal strength is measured in the entire building. Also the outdoor reception is mapped. We do this on the roof od the building.


You will receive a detailed report as a result of the site survey. This report is of interest to you in relation to the locations that will not be reinforced. They are your guarantee that reception at these locations is already within the standards.

What is the difference with an ASTRID site survey?

The ASTRID site survey is much more complex than that for the mobile and WiFi installations. There is more paperwork involved and the measurements also have to comply with certain scales. That is precisely why ASTRID site surveys will have a price tag.