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We all know it, we lose all signal once we drive into that underground city parking. What if we tell you that we have a solution for this? We can get both GSM and ASTRID signals to your parking lot without any problems.

A place without a mobile signal is guaranteed to be less safe than a place with a working signal. Just think of a nighttime underground parking where someone has an accident and is unable to call the emergency services due to the lack of a signal. So think about safety in your building and make sure you are accessible everywhere.

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Mobile phone signal amplification

Industrial processes that run 24/7 cannot afford an interruption. A streamlined communication process over the mobile network is a good solution. We ensure that the cell signals reach your employees without any problems and our monitoring ensures that any malfunctions are actively or even proactively resolved.


Always a plus if your employees or customers can enjoy free Wi-Fi. We build a complete back-end for you on top of the WiFi installation so that both you and we can solve any malfunctions in the network, even before anyone notices anything.


Like the cell signal, the high isolation standards also hinder the ASTRID signals. ASTRID ensures good communication between the emergency services, which means that good coverage is mandatory.

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