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We are Mercuron

On June 7, 2013, Xavier Bracke (former CEO) and Miguel Pluquet (CTO) decided to start a small company together. With their background in software and development, it seemed like a good idea to develop websites. Until a particular customer asked a simple yet challenging question: “do you happen to have a solution to improve the mobile signal in my building?”. Eleven years later, we are currently the market leader in operator-independent mobile signal amplification with over 1000 installations.


On September 15, 2024, Roel De Frene & Christophe Dekeukeleire took over Mercuron BV from the then shareholders.

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Techniekers vertalen hun expertise naar blogs

In the meantime, the team has been reinforced with engineers, administrative staff and technicians who are working day and night to devise, design, install and maintain our solutions. Our in-house knowledge ensures that we can come up with an appropriate and tailor-made solution for every problem.

So how do we describe ourselves today? Mercuron is a Belgian company fully specialized in wireless technologies, in particular Mobile, Wi-Fi, ASTRID and Personal Mobile Radios (PMR), with services ranging from advice to fully installed solutions. We are mainly active in Belgium, but we also have customers in the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

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We dragen onze klanten op onze handen

Mercuron has a very diverse customer portfolio. Specifically because of our products, which mainly involve mobile phone amplification, every building is a potential customer for us. On the one hand, we work directly for the end customer, but we also work for various construction companies, engineering firms and architectural firms.

We work for companies, government and private individuals and are active in various sectors.