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The always on culture is spreading throughout the world. Retail cannot escape this either. Today, customers want to use their smartphones during their shopping trip. Many retail businesses are responding to this trend. For example, there are QR codes that can give you more information about certain goods, and there is an evolution from material loyalty cards to online formats that use a smartphone as a medium. A good cell or Wi-Fi signal is necessary for customer satisfaction and continuity.

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Mobile phone signal amplification

We amplify the cell signal for all providers and all technologies. This means that everyone, regardless of which provider or which generation of mobile phone they have, can call and surf with you. In addition, there is no limit to the number of devices that can make use of the amplification at the same time.


Give your customers a premium experience. Free Wi-Fi is not a necessity for the customer, but it can be the reason why they come back. Both you and use can acces the full back-end anywhere. This way, any malfunctions can be dealt with quickly, before your customers even realise it.

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