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Scholen en overheidsgebouwen

A good mobile phone signal in schools and government buildings is not only good for safety, but it also increases the satisfaction of pupils, employees and passers-by’s.

In addition to a strong indoor mobile phone signal, we can also provide a complete customised Wi-Fi installation. With a site survey, we measure the requirements for your premises and, based on this, provide a customised recommendation and installation.

Prefer a meeting first to discuss your needs in detail? Don’t hesitate to give us a call.

For more information about our services for scools and government buildings, you can callus or contact us via the contact form !

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Mobile phone signal amplification

Provide everyone, regardless of their provider, with a perfect mobile phone signal? It’s possible! With the Mercuron multi-provider solution, dropped calls and frustrating phone calls are a thing of the past.


We provide both private and public Wi-Fi networks for small to large public buildings and schools. (Read: it has already been demonstrated that a public wifi network is used less and less because of the lower level of security. People increasingly prefer 4G to wifi in public places).


Public areas will often need to be provided with a proper ASTRID coverage. Did you get a government issued notice to ensure an ASTRID signal? Then contact us for a sustainable solution at a good price.

Together we connect everyone!

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