Professional and secure internet for companies

Extensive networks require a detailed, customised approach. After an extensive site survey, we know exactly what you and your building(s) need. 

Mercuron delivers more than just Wi-Fi

Monitoring en backups

If necessary, we build a complete back-end of required network equipment. This equipment also allows the system to be managed centrally. On-site and remote.

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To measure is to know

During a site survey, we visit the site and measure the radio spectrum. This way, we can get a perfect picture of the building. Only by carrying out a site survey is it possible to draw up a fully performant and covering internet system.

For every application and infinitely expandable

Every situation is different. So the equipment has to adapt as well. We have Wi-Fi access points that are specifically made for hotels, but at the same time we also have ones that can be used outside or in a factory.

We set up the system with your business processes and changes in mind. Are you making structural changes, building extra rooms or changing location? The evolution of your company and the Internet go hand in hand without any surprises.

Interested in building to building connections? Then take a look at our Point-to-Point Wi-Fi solutions!

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Would you like a network without worries?

How do we go about it?

Preliminary study

We provide personalised and professional advice and determine the best approach for your Wi-Fi challenge. We will come by and discuss your needs on site so that nothing is overlooked.

Site survey

If necessary, we will come to you for further measurements. We map out the right approach, measure the necessary reception in detail and determine where the equipment should be placed.

Installation & commissioning

We take care of the full installation. Your system is custom configured and we provide you with the necessary training.

After-sales service

If you want to make any changes later on or if any problems arise, you can count on our after-sales service. We guarantee the proper functioning of our installation!

Some of our clients

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Niet enkel wij zijn overtuigd van onze expertise!

DECADanny Op De Beeck | Facility Manager
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Now, the company is accessible at all times, technicians and team leaders can always be reached, and any problems or adjustments can be passed on directly to the people concerned. All this contributes to an improved production process within DECA.
Crematorium UITZICHT | PSILONJan Sabbe | Director
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Few people still call our landline. Thanks to Mercuron, we can always be reached, even in a concrete building.
AZ RivierenlandMarcel Zoons | Manager buildings and techniques
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Together with Mercuron, we went over the plans and looked at what was needed to provide good communication in the residential wards and consultation rooms. In other words, how to ensure good accessibility for doctors and patients.