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In recent years, mobile phone use has also increased enormously while eating and drinking. As a result, your customer expects a good mobile phone signal and a stable internet connection everywhere. Think of the use of a QR code to show the card or even to order it, or the use of social media, which is not only fun for them, but also helps to increase your brand awareness. 😉

Densely populated urban areas, cafés and restaurants will not often suffer from a suboptimal mobile phone signal. However, this does happen occasionally. Just think of catering establishments under the ground or in new buildings such as O’Learys in Ghent. We can perform a site survey for you to map current connections and signal strengths (GSM, WiFiand ASTRID). Are the results lacking? Then we can give you a fully customised solution.

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GSM signal amplification

We amplify the cell signal for all providers and all technologies. This means that all your customers, regardless of which provider or which mobile phone they have, can call and surf in your building. In addition, there is no limit to the number of devices that can make use of the amplification at the same time. A cosy café or a mega club? We have the solution for each.


Give your customers a premium experience. Free Wi-Fi is not a necessity for the customer, but it can be the reason why they come back. We monitor our systems 24/7. This way, any malfunctions can be dealt with quickly, before your customers even realise it.

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O’leary’s is located in Dok Noord in Ghent and can now enjoy a perfect indoor signal. Our equipment here is based on a payback model. O’learys works with the Jamezzordering app, which allows for serious staff savings. The only requirement is that the indoor coverage is sufficient enough for customers to be able to use that application. And that is exactly what we specialise in ;).

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The new Van Der Valk hotel in Ghent, like many others, has been obliged to guarantee ASTRID coverage. After our Site Survey it turned out that there were indeed few signals coming in, after which we immediately created a tailor-made system. Now, when walking around the hotel, all emergency services can communicate with each other without problems.