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The office is often the central hub where all communication passes. If your office is a stumbling block, then you will feel it in all processes of the company. Both Wi-Fi and a solid cell signal are necessary for the continuity of the company. One cannot exist without the other. Certainly in an office, the interaction between the two is a key element. A good example is the sales who have to call their prospects, but sometimes also use the Wi-Fi network to facilitate a video call, for example.

Besides the fact that Wi-Fi and GSM are two systems in themselves, they can still function as a plan B for each other. When there are interferences on the Wi-Fi network, most tasks can be switched to the mobile network and vice versa.

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Mobile phone signal amplification

Not only your employees, but also all customers (regardless of the provider) will have a stable and strong mobile signal. Our equipment amplifies all technologies simultaneously. While you are calling, someone else will have no problems surfing over 4G. The number of users boosted at the same time is unlimited.


With Mercuron Wi-Fi we provide a constant internet flow tailored to your needs. We provide the offices or even the entire building with a Wi-Fi signal that can be expanded at any time. What’s more, we provide a full back-end with 24/7 monitoring, so that we can efficiently resolve any failures on the network. For continuity you have come to the right place at Mercuron.


Like the cell signal, the high isolation standards also hinder the ASTRID signals. ASTRID ensures good communication between the emergency services, which means that good coverage is mandatory.

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