Lots of people? Then make sure you have a working signal!


In every public place, there is at least one person who wants to use his or her mobile phone at all times. Then make sure that person has a solid signal. Mercuron provides a strong GSM , ASTRID and WiFi signal for an unlimited number of users and for all providers at the same time!

Also think about safety in the absence of a mobile phone signal. In the event of an accident, it will be that much harder to ask for help quickly and efficiently. A swimming pool or sports centres, where injuries are common, will be all the safer. A good coverage will certainly be appreciated.

For more information about our services for scools and government buildings, you can callus or contact us via the contact form !

How can we help you?

Mobile phone signal amplification

Provide everyone, regardless of their provider, with a perfect mobile phone signal? It’s possible! With the Mercuron multi-provider solution, dropped calls and frustrating phone calls are a thing of the past.


We provide both private and public Wi-Fi networks for small to large public buildings and sports centres. (Read: it has already been demonstrated that a public Wi-Fi network is used less and less because of the lower level of security. People increasingly prefer 4G to Wifi in public places).


Public areas will often need to be provided with a proper ASTRID coverage. Did you get a government issued notice to ensure an ASTRID signal? Then contact us for a sustainable solution at a good price.

Together we connect everyone!

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