We provide mobile phone amplification, Wi-Fi and ASTRID for your projects​

You can count on us!

Preliminary study

We can carry out a preliminary study based on a floor plan and any additional data. For GSM and ASTRID we always assume a worst-case scenario. Once the building has been erected, it may turn out that the signal is between the viable parameters and therefore no installation is required.

Site surveys

Once a building is in place (read: air and waterproof), we can carry out a site survey. With this, we determine the current status of the incoming signals and we can accurately determine what is needed to provide good coverage.

Construction phase

Involving us in the construction phase has advantages for us as well as for you. Initially, the cabling can be done more efficiently, so that the working costs, as well as the amount of cable used, can be limited. This evidently results in a more attractive price.

From start to finish

From start to finish, we make sure everything is installed and working. What's more, after the final commissioning, we ensure the continuous operation of our equipment. Our monitoring systems ensure that we can pro-actively look for and deal with any malfunctions.

Everything went very smoothly. With many suppliers we notice that we often have to check on them, but we didn't have that with Mercuron at all. Everything went very smoothly. Absolutely no comments.

Annick Van Hyfte - Zabra Real Estate

Why partner with Mercuron?

Beton en cement dat het gsm-*signaal tegenhoudt

Reliability & Knowledge

As a market leader in enterprise mobile phone signal amplification, we know better than anyone how to perform concrete measurements and what each of our customers exactly needs. You don’t want the antennas to stand out? Check! Do you want to strengthen certain spaces and isolate others? Check! How you want it, is how we will deliver it.

Here at Mercuron, we consider ourselves RF experts. This means that you can contact us with any question about the mobile signal, Wi-fi, ASTRID and even PMR’s. If you already have a question, don’t hesitate to call us on 093950682

Let's connect your building too!

Thanks to a non-binding site survey of your buildings, we can calculate our custom installation. This is more beneficial for both you and us.

How can we help you?

GSM signal amplification

New builds inherently have a problem with letting in signals. The mobile phone signal is no exception and will only deteriorate with the arrival of 5G. Frequencies are rising and signal-resistant building materials such as concrete and metal are being used more and more. The only solution for a working indoor signal is a provider-independent solution that amplifies all providers and all technologies at the same time. Also interesting is the possibility to combine gsm and ASTRID to get a better price for both.


Wi-Fi has become a necessity over the last few years. Wifi will be an inherent part of the specifications, especially for companies. With Mercuron as a partner you can already tick this box.


For new buildings you can often guess in advance whether you meet the conditions to guarantee a minimum amount of ASTRID coverage. By planning ASTRID in advance and possibly combining it with our mobile signal amplification, you will be able to save a number of costs.

Who trusted us?

Christiaens bouwonderneming logo

For construction company Christiaens we have provided one of their new construction projects with a signal. Due to ever higher insulation standards and owners who want the latest materials and technologies, we often see a lack of “indoor signal” in new construction projects. This is something we can perfectly help with. Both for current technologies and for future ones.