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Our point-to-point internet connections, also called building-to-building, are the ideal solutions for a high internet connection up to 100 kilometres.

What is point-to-point Wi-Fi?

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Point-to-point Wi-Fi is also known as Wireless Bridge or Radio Link. PtP Wi-Fi is a data connection between 2 points. The connection is made wirelessly via radio waves or optical lasers. In other words, no cable is needed to establish a connection between the two points. We often use this type of system to connect buildings, CCTV cameras, sensors or other devices. They can be used to provide a direct link for both short- and long-distance connections where you have a direct line of sight, and deliver data at a similar speed to a physical line.

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How does Point-to-Point Wi-Fi work?

  1. On the roof or at the side of the façade, we attach an antenna (transmitter) that we connect to the internal Internet network.
  2. On the other side of the antenna, for example an adjacent building, we place a receiver.
  3. The transmitter and receiver act as a bridge that carries the internet from one building to another. You can compare it to pulling a long cable between two buildings.

We have several solutions that differ from each other in frequency, speed and reach. Antennas operating at a lower frequency have a longer range and vice versa.


The frequencies used by our antennas are 2.4, 3, 4, 5, 11, 24 or 60 GHz.


Maximum speeds vary between 1.4 Gbps and 2 Gbps. These speeds are influenced, among other things, by atmospheric influences and distance from the antennae.


With our lowest frequency devices, we can cover up to 100 km. The higher the selected frequency band, the lower the maximum distance. Here, too, we must take into account any environmental factors that may affect the functioning of our antennae.

PtP is also the ideal solution for short distances. Especially in cases where pulling a cable is impossible (e.g. connecting yard chains).


The information sent over the bridge remains visible only to those on the private network. PtP networks therefore provide a high level of security.

Questions about Point-to-Point Wi-Fi

Can PtP penetrate trees and bushes?

Yes, it can. In such situations, a site survey will determine what equipment we need. We’ll probably need equipment that will transmit at a lower frequency and thus bring with it slightly lower internet speeds.

When is Point-to-Point NOT a good choice for you?

You want to cover long distances with many obstacles (forests or other buildings).

Why choose Mercuron?

Tailor-made solution

With the knowledge we have gathered over the years about radiation, radio signals, etc., we can make an accurate assessment of your needs like no other. Not every case is the same. Buildings, environmental factors and customer requirements differ enormously. That is precisely why we ensure the ideal installation for your company.

Monitoring and intervention

All data is collected on a central system that is monitored 24/7. This way, we can quickly intervene in case of any malfunctions or problems (e.g. due to changes in the environment that affect the signal).

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