Radiation and health The SAR value helps you

It may seem contradictory at first, but by installing our mobile phone amplification system, the radiation in your building is reduced.

Mobile phones emit a certain amount of electromagnetic energy. Usually we carry our devices close to our body, in our jacket or pocket. So we are constantly exposing ourselves to this radiation. But what kind of radiation does a mobile phone emit?

The strength of the mobile phone radiation is expressed in terms of the radiation value, which is known professionally as the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR value).

What is the SAR value exactly?

The SAR value of a mobile phone is a parameter that indicates the maximum amount of electromagnetic waves that the phone can transmit to our body. This differs for each device. The higher the SAR value, the higher the energy radiated to our bodies. For example, an iPhone 11 Pro Max is in class C of the SAR values.

According to European guidelines, the SAR value of a device may not exceed 2.0 Watt/KG. At the same time, however, governments, the European Union and the World Health Organisation (WHO) recommend that you use your mobile phone with awareness and minimise your exposure to radiation (moderate use of mobile phones, using earphones, etc.).

What happens if you have a bad mobile phone signal in your building?

If the mobile phone coverage is poor, the phone sends out more electromagnetic waves to connect to the mast. If the network is untraceable, the phone emits a maximum output of energy to locate the mast. So in a building with poor network coverage, there is more mobile phone radiation.

In fact, Belgian providers recommend “calling in a place with good network coverage” to limit radiation.

How does Mercuron’s mobile phone signal amplification reduce radiation in your building?

With Mercuron’s mobile phone signal amplification, we ensure an optimal mobile phone signal in every commercial building. We install antennas that connect to the GSM mast through our amplification and guarantee perfect coverage. The radiation of these antennas (1 milliwatt) is one hundred times smaller than the radiation of a WiFi installation.

Thanks to these antennas, mobile devices in operation use the minimum transmission power. The devices emit up to 50 times less radiation than when reception is poor. This is a significant difference, with significant health benefits. In addition, you also increase the battery life of your device, as much less energy is required to make a connection.

Xavier Bracke

Xavier Bracke

Xavier is de stuwmotor achter Mercuron. Als CEO en mede-oprichter brengt hij nieuwe communicatietechnieken naar alle gebouwen.

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