Mobile Coverage Extender vs. Mercuron

It is not always easy to find the right solution. Complicated matters, such as the mobile phone signal, do not make this choice any easier. Thanks to our unique solution, Mercuron has been the market leader in Belgium to date.

Many companies notice problems with the mobile phone signal in their building and look for a solution. One of the first solutions that is found is the Mobile Coverage Extender from the provider itself. These often offer a good solution for private individuals, but fall short as an application for companies. Below we explain why Mercuron’s mobile phone amplification is the right choice for your company.

Bellen aan het raam door te wweinig dekking met een mobile coverage extender

What is a Mobile Coverage Extender?

A Mobile Coverage Extender is a mini antenna that you always have to purchase or rent from your own provider. As a result, the device only amplifies the operator’s signal and often only one technology (3G). This means that customers with another provider will still have poor reception. The costs differ from provider to provider. Why is Mercuron’s service better for you?

Mobile Coverage extender
Meerdere operatoren
One operator
All operators
Simultaneous use of the amplification
4-16 simultaneous calls
unlimited simultaneous calls
Only for one technologie
All technologies (2G, 3G, 4G and 5G)
High sound quality when calling
Monthly payment without start-up charge
Only start up costs
200m² tot 1000m²
Expansion possibilities
Installability of the system
Can only be installed in places with electricity
Power only needed for amplifier
Operation outside Belgium?
Built-in reductance*
No, only 1 frequency band
Yes, all frequency bands
Operation in the event of interruption or overload of the Internet
200 milliwatt
1 milliwat/antenna

*If one of the available frequencies in Belgium goes down, we can still use other frequencies.

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