With our 7 tips you can immediately amplify the mobile signal!

Don’t let yourself get frustrated. A weak mobile signal can be a source of frustrations. Thankfully, there are solutions! In the 7 tips below, we explain how you can improve the signal at home or at the office.

Here are your 7 tips:

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1. Remove obstructions or change your location

Your mobile phone and the cell tower of your provider are constantly connected. You can compare it to a conversation. When you talk to someone and out of nowhere a wall or other object comes in between, the conversation will no longer run smoothly. The same applies for communication between your mobile phone and the transmission tower.

The best thing you can do is remove the obstruction. When the obstruction is a wall, than you’ll have no other option than to remove yourself from that position. The most efficient ways are:

  • Go outside or stand next to a window

Move yourself so that there is no iron, steel or concrete between you and the cell tower.

  • Move to a higher level (Mountains, hills and trees block the signal)

Can you remove certain obstructions? Then you should think about this:

  • Reorganize your space

Objects such as metal filing cabinets, refrigerators, solid furniture, etc. tend to block the signal. Get rid of these (or rearrange them if you know where the cell tower is) and your cell phone signal may improve.

  • Remove or trim trees and shrubs

Trees, shrubs and other living things are made up of water, which blocks the cell phone signal. Create a more open environment by pruning branches and overgrown shrubs.

  • Open your window

Some windows have an energy-efficient coating and solar control glass. This is good for your energy level, but detrimental to the GSM signal in your building. So open your window and let the cell phone signal in.

2. Make sure your mobile is in top condition

Cell phones are set up in such a way that they make it more difficult for themselves to pick up a strong cell phone signal. Fortunately, there are several ways to bring your mobile phone to an ideal working condition.

  • Update your software.

Every mobile phone has software that ensures that your mobile phone knows which cell towers to contact for an optimal range. Delaying these software updates can cause your mobile to lag behind and therefore choose a less effective connection. As a result, it is best not to wait too long to perform a software update when you receive a notification.

  • Turn off all apps and services that you aren’t currently using.

Services such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Near-Field Communication (NFC) can sometimes cause problems when they try to send your calls and data over another service or when they allow other devices to use your bandwidth. Try disabling them and see if the signal improves.

  • Change your speech and data settings.

Mobile phones nowadays always operate on the 4G network. It is possible that the network you are on, at the moment of poor coverage, is overloaded. If this is the case, you can try to switch to the 3G network. When you turn off your 4G network, you will automatically switch to the 3G network. Is this not the case? Then you will have to temporarily adjust your network preferences in the settings.

  • Turn airplane mode on and off.

When you turn on the airplane mode, your mobile phone will disconnect all signals. If you turn the airplane mode off again, your mobile phone will have to reconnect to receive the necessary signals. What you are doing here is forcing your mobile to reset the connections. If you are in an area with good reception, but your mobile is not receiving a signal, then this is a good way to find a signal.

  • Reset your network settings or manually select the network operator again.

If you are the only one in your area with a bad signal, this is the “last resort” to pick up a signal.

  • Have your phone checked for damage.

If you are the only one in a location with a bad mobile signal, and the tips listed above did not help, it is possible that your mobile is damaged. The damage will most likely be to the internal antenna. Specialists in a repair shop will see if it can be repaired. If not, it might be time for a new cell phone.

3. Find the nearest cell tower

When you know where the nearest transmission tower is, you know from which direction the signal comes. Walking in this direction should improve the signal. When you surf to the BIPT website, you can see which cell towers are located in your area.

4. Make sure your battery is charged

A mobile phone that receives a weak signal is constantly trying to reconnect to the cell tower. As a result, your battery runs out faster. So always make sure that your mobile phone is fully charged before entering areas with a weak mobile signal. With an empty battery, it will be more difficult for your mobile to connect to a cell tower.

5. Do not block the antenna on your mobile phone

In the past, the mobile phone antennas were on the outside. If you wanted better reception, you could replace it with a bigger one. That all changed with the new generations of smartphones. Since then, the antennas have been integrated into the smartphones. Depending on how you hold these mobiles, your hand may block the signal. Most newer smartphones have the antennas designed in such a way that blocking the signal is difficult, but thick or metal phone cases can still cause problems.

A best practice is to hold your phone upright, not horizontal. Do not grip your mobile too hard and do not press it too close to your hand or face. You can also go hands-free so that your body doesn’t block the signal.

6. Switch to another provider

If you notice that the cell tower of your provider is far away and that the cell towers of other providers are closer, you can think about changing provider. Because the closer to a transmission tower, the better the range. Nevertheless, it is recommended to first compare the signal of the other providers, by having your neighbors, friends, etc. come over and test it on their device.

7. Install a cellular amplifier

The above points do not guarantee a better mobile signal. The only thing that guarantees a good signal are GSM amplifiers . Here at Mercuron we offer a solution from SMEs to multinationals.

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