Why is a strong mobile signal important for businesses?

What does a weak mobile phone signal mean for your business? What does this mean for your business? You have to respond to this “always on” culture. In your building, too, your customers and employees will find it normal to have a mobile phone signal everywhere. Is this not the case? This can lead to dissatisfaction and even loss of customers (think of sales calls that do not go smoothly or customers who leave the shop because they do not have a mobile phone signal).

Digital behaviour in Belgium

In 2018, We are Social, in partnership with Hootsuite, conducted a global study to map the world’s online behaviour. Their findings show the role Belgians play in the “always on” story. Below, we provide some key figures.

Of the more than 11 million Belgians, more than 89% used the internet in 2018 (by this we mean all applications that require an internet connection, including social media and Google). 77% of the population have their own telephone. This means that there are still some people without mobile phones and some who share a mobile phone with a partner, for example.

What are the key elements of this study for businesses?

Every day, Belgians spend an average of 5 hours on a device connected to the Internet and 1.5 hours on social media. This means that the average Belgian expects to be connected to the Internet for 1/3 of their day. If these expectations cannot be met, e.g. by shopping around in signal-free zones, then the cause of this malfunction will be strongly penalised in the user’s mind. More specifically, this creates frustration towards the business that cannot meet the demands of the “always on” culture.

The full report on internet and mobile usage in Belgium can be found at We are Social

The importance of a stable mobile signal in companies

The importance is quite straightforward: so that everyone within the building can be reached at all times. This seems obvious, but in parctice we notice that this is often not the case. Bad habits are created (e.g. walking to the window at every call to make sure the call goes smoothly) and productivity falls. In the list below, we highlight why having a strong signal is beneficial for your business.

Employees can stay at their desk or in their workspace instead of having to find places where they can make a clear and reliable call. This, of course, can increase operational efficiency. Do you want to keep your employees more focused on the task at hand? Offering something as simple as a better mobile phone signal can do the trick.

Dropped or interrupted calls will decrease dramatically. Employees will not be afraid to take that important call if they happen to be in the ‘wrong’ room when the call comes in.

The ability to guarantee clear, powerful mobile voice calls is a sure way to return to one of those conveniences we remember from the days of landline phones: real conversations, full of tone, colour and life. Phone calls improve customer service and sales. Customers or potential customers can get frustrated if they cannot understand what you or your staff are saying to them. Clear calls have more authority than one where the person on the other end may have to guess at part of what you are saying.

The battery life will be longer and the radiation will be reduced. Mobile phones that have difficulty establishing a connection will have to try harder. This makes them emit a stronger signal, which causes more radiation and faster battery depletion.

A building with a good GSM signal is safer than one without. The emergency services or other authorities can be contacted more easily and more quickly.

It is a solid plan B. It is not the first time that the provider has had an outage that has brought the WiFi network down. By providing a good signal from all providers, communication in the building can be maintained.

You move with the times and show yourself to be a progressive company. When it comes time to hire “young” people like millennials or even Gen Z, a mobile phone signal will be important for their daily operations. They are the driving force behind the always-on culture.

The presence of a mobile phone signal is a luxury that does not yet exist in many countries. Because of its ubiquitous presence in Belgium, it has become a necessity for many people. A need that, in its absence, causes frustration and can have a direct impact on your business processes.

Xavier Bracke

Xavier Bracke

Xavier is de stuwmotor achter Mercuron. Als CEO en mede-oprichter brengt hij nieuwe communicatietechnieken naar alle gebouwen.

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